Hesham Elbanna is an entrepreneur!. Hesham has a great experience in applying advanced technology in agriculture based on Agriculture 4.0 standards that focus on “building green world by using the best of breed of Science & Technology”. Hesham gain his experience from 16+ years of work in Information Technology systems in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Combined with practical applications in new agricultural techniques such as Aquaponics Systems. Hesham used his experience of advanced technologies such as IoT and AI to maximize the use of water resources to grow healthy food in a safe and friendly environment.

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IoT in The Smart GreenHouse

Agriculture 4.0| IoT in Monitoring & Managing Green HouseObjective Building a connected environment between all the smart greenhouse units with ability to real time monitoring and controlling remotely through the internet. System Specs: Logical Architecture of IOT [Internet of Things] system consists of 4 Units: Sensors [for measuring PH, ORP, Temperature, DO, EC, Ammonium NH4], [...]

Aquaponics System in Smart GreenHouse

Agriculture 4.0| Bio Integrated farmingObjective Building “Bio Integrated farm” where utilizing sustainable practices for plants, animals, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chicken, and More in a ZERO waste system. Full System Components In a smart greenhouse where building units of Aquaponics System, Compost unit, Biological Pesticides unit and Azolla Unit with Real Time Monitoring and Management by IoT [...]

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IoT and Precision Livestock Farming (PLF)

Like the crop monitoring, IoT technology can be applied for Animals too. Through attached sensors for monitoring their health, performance, Activity and nutrition insights of each cow. It is a great job, the farmers can't do with the perfection and especially for the large number of livestock and different animals.  Farmers in the U.S. lose [...]

IoT Applications in Crop Production

Today, connected devices are penetrating our life in many sectors starts from health, Home automation, logistics, smart Cities and Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT]. Agriculture had many technological transformation in adaption with industrial revolutions till reaching out to Agriculture 4.0 that mainly focuses on applying technology in farming, Thus Technologies like IoT - Internet of [...]

Who is Responsible for Digitalizing Agriculture Extension?

Digitalizing "Agricultural Extension" or "Advisory Services" is the responsibility of Farmer, Government, Scientists & Researchers. The plant is in need to a mechanism for growing, a harmonic between soil type, irrigation amount & times, weather, fertilizing, ... and many other factors. Farmers may have the knowledge - through their fathers,  communities, may be education or [...]

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